Chief Officers

Updated: 19th June 2014 at 11:08
CC Neil Rhodes

Chief Constable

Date Created: 4th November 2009  Last Updated: 19th June 2014
Keith Smy Summary Image

Deputy Chief Constable

Date Created: 16th August 2013  Last Updated: 19th June 2014
Heather Roach Summary Image

Assistant Chief Constable (Crime and Operations)

Date Created: 25th March 2013  Last Updated: 19th June 2014
ACC Peter Davies

Assistant Chief Constable (Local Policing)

Peter Davies returned to Lincolnshire Police as Assistant Chief Constable for Local Policing at the end of Summer 2014.
Date Created: 22nd August 2014  Last Updated: 22nd August 2014
ACC Lee Freeman

Temporary Assistant Chief Constable (Local Policing)

Date Created: 27th August 2013  Last Updated: 22nd August 2014
Nancie Shackleton

Temporary Assistant Chief Officer (Resources)

Date Created: 10th June 2014  Last Updated: 19th June 2014
Stephen Woodcock

Chief Officer - Special Constabulary

Date Created: 16th October 2012  Last Updated: 19th June 2014