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Supported by Lincolnshire Police

Facebook LogoLincolnshire Horse Watch is supported by Lincolnshire Police with the main aim being to provide a scheme where the eyes and ears of the equestrian community work together with Lincolnshire Police to gather and share information to protect all horses, ponies and property - learn more >>

How does it work?

PREVENTION - Horse Watch offers members advice on various crime prevention measures, such as equipment marking, yard security, freeze marking and microchipping and co-ordinators and volunteers can often arrange these sessions locally.

ALERTS - Alerts and Crime Prevention advice - Join Horsewatch now by visiting Lincolnshire Alert and when asked - click join Horsewatch and a Horsewatch members pack will be posted to you.

Horsewatch members benefit from the support of their community, security advice and tack marking. We also issue email messages and newsletters. You can join the scheme operated by the police force to receive crime warnings and local news. Horse Watch can provide you with copies of our Horse and Equipment Record Form so all the vital information you need is at hand. Furthermore by completing the Trailer and Lorry Security Marking Form you can create proper identification records for your horses, equipment, horsebox or trailer and a record card for important numbers.

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Contact Lincolnshire Horse Watch

Email: horsewatch@lincs.pnn.police.uk

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Useful Links and Resources

Links to external sites and resources. Includes links to the National Equestrian Crime Database, UK Horse Watch and various advice and information documents.
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The Animal Welfare Act 2006 – short guide

The legislation in place before 2006 was the Protection of Animals Act 1911, which was very outdated and came from a time when animals had a very different role in society. The Animal Welfare Act 2006 replaced this and has made some important updates, for example in relation to cruelty and fighting offences.
Date Created: 13th August 2012  Last Updated: 15th May 2014


Download bulletins from various other Horsewatch groups.
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